Home Build Week 3 – Basement Prep (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Well it’s been a busy week with something new going on every day.  After “The Package” was delivered on Monday, the work was put into overdrive and the basement was wrapped on Tuesday with a rubber membrane moisture barrier.



Then on Wednesday, the pile of lumber was sorted.  A crane came in and lifted the beams into place in the basement. and the rough-ins for the plumbing were put in to the basement.  I can’t believe how fast it’s taking place.

Basement Beams

And of course, Dan had to show off his new “shop” (garage) by standing in it before it actually starts to take shape.



Home Build Week 3 – The Package (Monday)

As seasoned movers, we have gotten the packing down to a science. Even so, when we know we are moving ahead of time, we tend to start packing early so we aren’t rushing at the last minute.  Luckily this time, we won’t be rushed to get moved across country and get settled before starting a new job.  I have a feeling this will be one of our most leasurely moves ever.  The kids will be out of school.  I will be off of work for a few weeks (if we close on time).  And Dan will still be working only a few nights a week.  Our lease on the current house is up at the end of July so we should have plenty of time to get moved, thoroughly clean the house and even get out of boxes and somewhat settled before school starts back for me and the kids.

That being said, we couldn’t wait to get started packing so we started cleaning out kitchen cabinets this past weekend.  Nothing important.  Mainly my baking supplies and holiday cookware and bakeware that I won’t be using over the next couple of months.  Dan got so excited, he even packed a box of cd’s from the entertainment center.  I couldn’t help but share this picture that he took of his “first box packed for the new house”! 🙂


Monday, as usual Dan was up at the site after dropping Katie off at preschool and was shockingly surprised at what he saw.  The package had been delivered and the forms were coming off of the foundation already.


That night when I got home, of course I had to mark our territory and write our names on the lumber.  Even though I know we’ll never really know where this piece of lumber is in the house, I know it’s there somewhere.

IMG_1156 (2)

We are ready for take-off!


Home Build Week 2 – Foundation

As unbelievable as it is, this home is being built for us and it is happening quickly.  This week was step two in the process and Dan drove out every day waiting for it to happen.  Monday and Tuesday were quiet but finally on Wednesday, the foundation forms were delivered.  This is what I saw on my way home:


Thursday the forms were put into place and Friday the concrete was poured for the foundation.  We were up driving around the neighborhood just about every day this week.  We got to meet our neighbors from 2 and 3 doors down. One family has kids older than ours and one family has kids Katie’s age and younger.  Who knows, maybe they’ll be in the same class this year.  Dan talked to the contractor today and he said that the house will be delivered Monday or Tuesday and we should have a frame going up by next weekend!  So exciting!

IMG_1102       IMG_1103

In the pictures above you can see it taking form.  The first one is taken from the front of the house.  The big section in the front will be the garage.  The second one is taken from the side of the house looking into the kitchen.  The little jut out section is the “Morning Room” which will be our dining area.  Beyond that will be the living room.  Already I am starting to gather some decorating ideas.  I will do some posts next week on some Pinterest inspiration.  Until next week . . .

My Weight Watchers Stats

Weight Loss Quote

Back in December of 2012, I was at a low point in my life.  I was dealing with two children with special needs, working a part time job that was requiring much more than the 20 hours a week in my contract, and living 3000 miles away from my family and hadn’t seen them in over 3 years.  The day before our wedding anniversary, my husband and I were watching television and saw a Weight Watchers ad.  I said something like “I should try that again”.  He encouraged me to join and told me if I needed the support of meetings, then I should attend them.  I was quickly closing in on the big 40 and wanted to lose the weight desparately.  It has now been over 2 years and I am still trying to lose the weight.  I know it will happen when I am ready.  I started out gung ho and lost just over 42 pounds within the first 9 months.  I have since been up and down due to various excuses (we all have them don’t we?).  On this page I will post my weekly weigh-ins and I will do a post at least once a week on my progress.  Follow me along as I try to win the battle of the bulge once and for all!

  •  12/28/2012                         233.8                       Starting Weight                         Starting Weight
  • 1/3/2013                               231                                       -2.8                                              -2.8
  • 1/6/2013                               227.8                                   -3.2                                              -6.0
  • 1/17/2013                             224.6                                   -3.2                                              -9.2
  • 1/24/2013                            222.6                                   -2.0                                              -11.2
  • 1/31/2013                             221.6                                   -1.0                                               -12.2
  • 2/7/2013                              220.8                                  -0.8                                              -13.0
  • 2/14/2013                            217.4                                   – 3.4                                              -16.4
  • 2/21/2013                            214.8                                   -2.6                                               -19.0
  • 2/28/2013                           214.6                                   -0.2                                               -19.2
  • 3/7/2013                              213                                       -1.6                                               -20.8
  • 3/14/2013                            210.6                                   -2.4                                               -23.2
  • 3/21/2013                            209.4                                  -1.2                                                -24.4
  • 3/28/2013                           209.8                                  +0.4                                              -24.0
  • 4/4/2013                             208.2                                   -1.6                                                -25.6
  • 4/11/2013                            206.4                                   -1.8                                                -27.4
  • 4/18/2013                           206.6                                   +0.2                                              -27.2
  • 4/25/2013                           207.2                                   +0.6                                              -26.6
  • 5/2/2013                             203.8                                   -3.4                                               -30.0
  • 5/9/2013                             203.4                                   -0.4                                               -30.4
  • 5/16/2013                           204                                       +0.6                                              -29.8
  • 5/23/2013                          201.4                                     -2.6                                               -32.4
  • 5/30/2013                          202                                        +0.6                                              -31.8
  • 6/13/2013                          200.8                                     -1.2                                                -33.0
  • 6/20/2013                          199.2                                     -1.6                                                -34.6
  • 6/27/2013                          201.6                                      +2.4                                              -32.2
  • 7/5/2013                             197                                         -4.6                                                -36.8
  • 7/12/2013                           198                                         +1.0                                               -35.8
  • 7/16/2013                           194.2                                      -3.8                                                -39.6
  • 7/25/2013                           196                                         +1.8                                               -37.8
  • 8/1/2013                             193                                          -3.0                                               -40.8
  • 8/15/2013                           194                                          +1.0                                               -39.8
  • 9/5/2013                             195.8                                      +1.8                                                -38.0
  • 9/12/2013                           194.4                                       -1.4                                                -39.4
  • 9/19/2013                           191.6                                       -2.8                                               -42.2

This was the lowest point in my (most recent) weight loss journey.  I think I got a little lower than this during November or December, but I started going more sporadically so I don’t have proof.  At this point I was wearing size 14’s and my 12’s were just getting to the point that I could put them on and button them but not comfortably enough to actually wear out in public.

  • 10/3/2013                           192.4                                      +0.8                                              -41.4
  • 10/10/2013                         194.2                                      +1.8                                               -39.6
  • 11/14/2013                          193.6                                      -0.6                                               -40.2

And then we took a 2 week long vacation to Mississippi and Florida for the holidays.  Need I say more?  The proof is in the weight gain. 

  • 1/16/2014                            204.2                                     +10.6                                            -29.6
  • 1/23/2014                           206                                         +1.8                                              -27.8
  • 1/30/2014                           204                                         -2.0                                              -29.8
  • 2/6/2014                             204.8                                     +0.8                                             -29.0
  • 3/6/2014                             208                                         +4.0                                             -25.8
  • 3/13/2014                           207.8                                      -0.2                                              -26.0
  • 3/20/2014                          208                                         +0.2                                             -25.8
  • 3/28/2014                          206.4                                      -1.6                                               -27.4
  • 4/3/2014                            203.8                                      -2.6                                               -30.0
  • 4/10/2014                          201                                          -2.8                                               -32.8
  • 6/12/2014                          201.4                                       +0.4                                              -32.4
  • 6/19/2014                          199.4                                       -2.0                                               -34.4
  • 6/26/2014                         196.4                                        -3.0                                               -37.4
  • 7/3/2014                            196.4                                        -0.0                                              -37.4
  • 7/24/2014                         197.2                                        +0.8                                              -36.6

During this time, we moved across country from Washington state to Ohio, I took on a new job that required me to sit for the entire first month, and I started eating a lot of junk food.  Overall, just a stressful time and I got way off track.

  • 11/29/2014                        208                                         +10.8                                             -25.8
  • 12/6/2014                          209.8                                     +1.8                                                -24.0
  • 12/13/2014                        209                                           -0.8                                              -24.8

Two things factored into this next weight gain.  Both Christmas and letting my Weight Watchers automatic payment lapse.  I know, both excuses, but there it is.  I just hope I can stay on the downward trend this time for good.

  • 3/9/2015                            223                                         +14.0                                             -10.8
  • 3/17/2015                          224                                          +1.0                                               -9.8
  • 3/24/2015                         221                                            -3.0                                               -12.8
  • 3/31/2015                          220.4                                       -0.6                                               -13.4
  • 4/7/2015                            220                                          -0.4                                                -13.8
  • 4/21/2015                          221.4                                       +1.4                                                -12.4

Home Build Week 1 – Footings and Drainage

After the excitement of Day 1, Day 2 was a little disappointing as nothing happened.  On Day 3 the concrete for the footings were poured and the drainage and sump pump was put into place for the basement.  Dan had gone out around 1 pm and only the supports for the concrete were in place.  Not much happened during the afternoon due to some thunderstorms.  Despite the rain, I still decided to stop by on my way home and saw that there were concrete trucks there. When I got home, Dan was so excited, he barely wanted to eat (so not like him).  So we made a quick dinner of Warm Chicken Salad Pizzas (I’ll share that recipe soon), scarfed those down and headed out to check on the progress out at the lot.  Here is what we found:

IMG_1071 (2)

By Day 4, the supports for the concrete were removed and 2 piles of gravel were dumped at the front of the lot.


Finally, today, the gravel was laid down in the basement.  Now we are ready for basement walls to go up.  Our project manager talked to Dan on Friday and said Monday or Tuesday at the latest, the forms for the basement would be up and the walls would be poured.

It’s amazing how fast this is happening.  It still doesn’t feel real.  Dan and I both are simultaneously excited and nervous about this new stage in our lives.  After 15 years of moving from one apartment to another, one city to another, we will finally be settled down and will own our own home.  Only 11 weeks left to go! 🙂

Home Build Day 1 – Digging the Hole


So, this happened today.  After nearly 15 years together, my husband and I are finally going to own our own home!  Today the bulldozer came in and dug a hole for our basement.  It hasn’t seemed real until now, but here we are.  Standing (literally) on the edge of tomorrow.  Dan sat at the site for a couple of hours this afternoon and watched them dig the hole.  He even walked the perimeter and helped lay the silt bags at one point.  In the afternoon, after I got home from work, we drove up there with the kids and let them watch.  Katie is really into big machines, so the bulldozer was very exciting for her.  Andy was even showing some excitement by clapping his hands and exclaiming “this gonna be our house!”.  Tomorrow they will put in the footings and the drains.  The man who was working the dozer told us we were building on a good piece of land because our lot sits on rock.  He said when he got to the bottom of the hole, he was hitting rock instead of sinking in like he did with some lots.  I guess that’s a good thing.  He said it means we will have less settling from the foundation and a dryer basement.  That’s good because we definitely don’t want a repeat of the moldy apartment in Washington.  Anyway, this is it!  Day one of our adventure of finally building a house.  Enjoy the pics. More to come.

IMG_1060 IMG_1062 IMG_1063 IMG_1065

Why Scatter-Brainiac Mom?


Do you remember the commercial in the ’80’s about drugs?  They showed an egg and said “This is your Brain”, then they fried the egg and said, “this is your brain on drugs”.  Well, this blog is my brain on everything.  I have started several blogs over the years and tried to do niche blogging.  The problem is that I am passionate about so many things.  I am constantly reading, creating, researching, cooking and reinventing myself.

I also consider myself a bit of a brainiac.  By day, I am an educational consultant and by night, I read articles and books about the brain, diseases, and development.  One day I hope to pursue my Ph.D. in Neuroscience.  Of course, being a mom with a full-time job makes that dream a very long-term goal.  My mind is a jumble of thoughts and sometimes I feel like if I could just spill out those thoughts, I might not feel so scatter-brained.  This blog is a place to do that.  I am sure it will evolve over time into other things, but for now, it will be my place to share my life and how I am navigating through all of the changes going on right now.

I am a mom.  I am a brainiac.  I am scatter-brained.  I am the Scatter-Brainiac Mom.