Home Build Week 6 – Insulation/Walk Through/Drywall

Wow what a chaotic week!  Monday started the week off by getting all of the paperwork into the loan officer for all of the conditions to go to the underwriter again for the final approval stage. I ended up having to go back the same afternoon to discuss some particulars with them that I needed clarification on because nobody seemed to be able to answer their phone. So now I’ve got more paperwork to do for conditions and I’m hoping this won’t delay the closing date.  By Wednesday afternoon all of the insulation had been installed and it was time for the pre-drywall walk through. We met with the project manager to go through what had been done. We were very pleased with the level of quality in the home. There is a ton of safety measures in Ryan Homes construction like fire resistant foam in the cracks between floors and walls between rooms (like where pipes come up through the floor boards and corners) to help keep fire from spreading or at least slow it down. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that both the gas stove (which I upgraded – I really miss gas stoves), the fire place and the gas furnace all operate on batteries for the pilot lights. So if, by some chance we have a power outage during a winter storm, we can still cook and be toasty warm inside.  Yay! As we walked around in the basement, the PM had us show him where we wanted a reinforcing piece of wood in the ceiling.  We are planning on using the basement as the kids’ playroom for now and want to be able to install a therapy swing that can handle over 100 pounds (both kids have sensory issues and that is one of the calming techniques).  While we were down there, we discovered that we got a few extra can lights. I guess the standard is 7 and we got 9. Oh well, electrician’s mistake. Our benefit.  At the end of the meeting, the PM told us the final walk-through is set for the 14th of July and closing is set for the 16th. Let’s just hope the snag in the paperwork doesn’t change that. So now the drywall is going in. When I drove by on Thursday after work, I could see the walls in my future craft room. I can’t wait to go back in and see the rooms come to life. Next week will be siding so there will most definitely be more pictures than this week.

IMG_1421 IMG_1418 IMG_1417 IMG_1416


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