Home Build Week 4 – House Frame and Roof

WOW! This week has gone so fast and every day we drove by the house something else was done to it.  I understand that everything from here on out will seem slow compared to this first month, but it’s just because we have to start with inspections now.  By Monday afternoon, the house wrap was up on the first floor of the house and we could see some of the framing going up on the inside.




Tuesday was a long day at work and I had to meet Dan at his job to pick up the kids.  After we switched cars, I drove to the house and the kids got to watch the crane lift the walls for their rooms up onto the house.  Katie LOVES any large machines like cranes and bulldozers so she was absolutely enthralled with the process.

IMG_0125 (2)



By the time Wednesday afternoon came, the entire house including the roof rafters were up.


You can also see the silver house wrap that was put on our house.  Apparantly we were the last house in the neighborhood to get the silver wrap because it was a special part of our package when we signed our contract.


If you look at the top of the house, you can see where they were getting ready to put the gable on top of the roof.  This will be where the stone front will be on the front.  You can also see the package of windows and doors dropped off.  Against the dumpster are our french doors for the morning room.  We are so excited to have such a classy touch like that.  We are both tired of sliding glass doors and cheap vertical blinds from renting apartments for so long.


Thursday the roof shingles were delivered and the top floor windows were installed.


So here it is.  Friday we got to walk into the house and take some pictures of the bones.  The basement is huge, but there wasn’t enough light to really get any pictures.  The roof shingles and gable is on.




I discovered the panorama setting on Dan’s phone and was attempting to use it.  It’s a little choppy but you get the general feel for the house.  The picture above is looking into the family room from the kitchen.  The hole in the wall is where our gas fireplace will be.  The section to the left is where the half bath and coat closet will be and the very left is the front living room.


This is looking into the kitchen.  You can see where the ducts for the heating/ac system have been delivered for next weeks’ projects.  The half wall to the left is where the bar will be and to the right of the picture is the wall to the laundry room.


Another panorama view taken from the family room looking into the kitchen.  The “morning room” will be our dining room.


This picture is taken from the front door looking into the living room and the stairs down to the basement.  This room will be our empty room probably for a while.  After living  in small 3 bedroom apartments for so long, we just don’t have any furniture to fill up that house.  I’m sure we will find a way to decorate it before we know it.


And finally the back view of the completed shell.  Next week will be all about plumbing, electrical and heating/ac.  In addition to that, the inspections will start so the process will be a little slower on the outside.


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