Home Build Week 3 – Basement Floor and First Floor (Thursday – Saturday)

As soon as the rain let up a little later in the week, the basement and garage floor concrete was poured.  On Thursday, the project manager said that the first floor would be up by Friday and possibly the second floor depending on the weather.


You can see the plumbing sticking up for the sump pump, the furnace and the water heater.  That whole area will be the utility room which will not be finished.  Everything in the foreground will be finished with carpeting for the kids’ play room.


On the right side of this picture you can see the rough in for the basement bathroom.  We decided not to go with the finished bathroom because we had to stop spending money.  However, we want to have a bathroom downstairs eventually if we end up turning this into a basement apartment for our son, Andy.  So we asked them if they could just do the rough in for the plumbing so it would be easier and less expensive in the long run when we finally decide to complete it.  You can also see in this picture where the sill plate has been put in to prepare for the framing next.


This is the garage, or as Dan would say, the shop.  He is still not sure if he wants to put his shop out here in the garage or downstairs in the basement.  We can work it out as we get closer.

On Friday, the walls started going up and by the end of the day, the first floor walls were up.  By Saturday, the construction crew was nailing down the subfloor for the second story already.


First floor front of the house.


First floor back of the house.  You can really start seeing the shape of the house now!


Putting in the second floor and squaring up the house with the angled beams.


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