Home Build Week 3 – The Package (Monday)

As seasoned movers, we have gotten the packing down to a science. Even so, when we know we are moving ahead of time, we tend to start packing early so we aren’t rushing at the last minute.  Luckily this time, we won’t be rushed to get moved across country and get settled before starting a new job.  I have a feeling this will be one of our most leasurely moves ever.  The kids will be out of school.  I will be off of work for a few weeks (if we close on time).  And Dan will still be working only a few nights a week.  Our lease on the current house is up at the end of July so we should have plenty of time to get moved, thoroughly clean the house and even get out of boxes and somewhat settled before school starts back for me and the kids.

That being said, we couldn’t wait to get started packing so we started cleaning out kitchen cabinets this past weekend.  Nothing important.  Mainly my baking supplies and holiday cookware and bakeware that I won’t be using over the next couple of months.  Dan got so excited, he even packed a box of cd’s from the entertainment center.  I couldn’t help but share this picture that he took of his “first box packed for the new house”! 🙂


Monday, as usual Dan was up at the site after dropping Katie off at preschool and was shockingly surprised at what he saw.  The package had been delivered and the forms were coming off of the foundation already.


That night when I got home, of course I had to mark our territory and write our names on the lumber.  Even though I know we’ll never really know where this piece of lumber is in the house, I know it’s there somewhere.

IMG_1156 (2)

We are ready for take-off!



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