Home Build Week 2 – Foundation

As unbelievable as it is, this home is being built for us and it is happening quickly.  This week was step two in the process and Dan drove out every day waiting for it to happen.  Monday and Tuesday were quiet but finally on Wednesday, the foundation forms were delivered.  This is what I saw on my way home:


Thursday the forms were put into place and Friday the concrete was poured for the foundation.  We were up driving around the neighborhood just about every day this week.  We got to meet our neighbors from 2 and 3 doors down. One family has kids older than ours and one family has kids Katie’s age and younger.  Who knows, maybe they’ll be in the same class this year.  Dan talked to the contractor today and he said that the house will be delivered Monday or Tuesday and we should have a frame going up by next weekend!  So exciting!

IMG_1102       IMG_1103

In the pictures above you can see it taking form.  The first one is taken from the front of the house.  The big section in the front will be the garage.  The second one is taken from the side of the house looking into the kitchen.  The little jut out section is the “Morning Room” which will be our dining area.  Beyond that will be the living room.  Already I am starting to gather some decorating ideas.  I will do some posts next week on some Pinterest inspiration.  Until next week . . .


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