Home Build Week 1 – Footings and Drainage

After the excitement of Day 1, Day 2 was a little disappointing as nothing happened.  On Day 3 the concrete for the footings were poured and the drainage and sump pump was put into place for the basement.  Dan had gone out around 1 pm and only the supports for the concrete were in place.  Not much happened during the afternoon due to some thunderstorms.  Despite the rain, I still decided to stop by on my way home and saw that there were concrete trucks there. When I got home, Dan was so excited, he barely wanted to eat (so not like him).  So we made a quick dinner of Warm Chicken Salad Pizzas (I’ll share that recipe soon), scarfed those down and headed out to check on the progress out at the lot.  Here is what we found:

IMG_1071 (2)

By Day 4, the supports for the concrete were removed and 2 piles of gravel were dumped at the front of the lot.


Finally, today, the gravel was laid down in the basement.  Now we are ready for basement walls to go up.  Our project manager talked to Dan on Friday and said Monday or Tuesday at the latest, the forms for the basement would be up and the walls would be poured.

It’s amazing how fast this is happening.  It still doesn’t feel real.  Dan and I both are simultaneously excited and nervous about this new stage in our lives.  After 15 years of moving from one apartment to another, one city to another, we will finally be settled down and will own our own home.  Only 11 weeks left to go! 🙂


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